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Whenever there is an eclipse, human evolution takes a big leap. 

It’s all about intensity. 

Moon eclipses represent an emotional climax. When they occur next to the south node, it is time to let go of something related to the house where it is implicated, in this case, at 15 degrees of Sagittarius. Here, you will face the end of something that is telling you: you must close, clean, set apart, and open space for the new that will manifest in its opposite sign, Gemini.

The Gemini zone relies on a door full of new opportunities, a new chapter in your life, a new way of living. For 18 months, wherever Gemini-Sagittarius falls in your birth chart, this will be the area where major changes will take place. 

Big truths will fall, forcing you to face reality. 

This eclipse will open something to you making clear what it is about. You will know it.

 A big change will be manifesting in the next 6 months, based on new information, that will dissolve any fantasies you have been feeding for a while. 

No more lies, neither from the outer world or your inner self. 

It is a moment of awakening and sometimes this wake-up call can hurt, but a part of you may be already tired of the Neptunian anesthesia. 

Healing begins by knowing the truth.

 Sun, Mercury, and Venus have been collecting information to have enough proof and show you it was not as you thought it was. Those proofs are coming together and this eclipse is the signal that you will start to see the bigger picture.


We are beginning a phase where we must start digesting what is really happening, and not only outside but inside. It can be at work, with your relationship, with your family, your past, your beliefs, your status, your daily habits, your community… it can manifest in many ways. 


The presence of Mars in Pisces conjuncts with Neptune, squaring the eclipse, makes it stronger. Pisces is about important and significant emotions, and Mars is there fighting for them to be acknowledged. So now the question is, what’s next?


Venus start point joins this new phase also setting an ending and a beginning. This will help you clear your mind and align it with the voice of your heart. What do you really want?


Maybe you have no idea. And that’s ok. Focus on what you need to let go, change, stop, end. Take action, give new space, be in charge of that turning point, and just wait. It will come to you.


Mercury will sextile Uranus and this is an invitation to think differently, to open and change our mind about something. Let’s tune with it.



Too much energy and intensity are moving, and your whole being will need a pause. It is important to take care of your emotional, mental, and physical well-being in order to recharge. This will give you the resilience to keep going. We find that conscious bathing is one of the many options that can help you find balance in moments of stress or feeling drained and overwhelmed.

As you seek calmness in these practices, feel how all the events that occurred in your life the last 6 months are now coming to the end of a cycle. 
Feel the peace and hope this brings you.


Release any thoughts or dogmatisms, feel your ability to adapt to the new. Be flexible as the water embraces your body. Everything is going to be ok

Just tune within and anchor on your strength and inner love.