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Manifest The Waxing Moon

Right after the darkness of the New Moon has passed, the light begins to grow more and more visible each night—bringing us to the Waxing Moon. As the light returns, we regain the energy, glow, will, and motivation to manifest the intentions set during the New Moon. It is an adventurous time to courageously give shape and form to our dreams. Luck is on our side.

The Energy

This energy can be used to enhance and increase all that we put our attention towards. It is the best time to launch new projects, start new relationships, open up and be optimistic. Bring beauty and joy into your life.

The Ritual


Write down the top four things you would like to manifest in your life right now. (Ask yourself: When, where, how, and with whom?)


Place your bath bomb or bath tea inside a drawn bath and watch it dissolve and become one with the warm water. Let the smell of geranium invigorate you.


Get in the tub, clear your mind, and visualize all things manifested, radiating beauty from within.