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Our Philosophy

We believe beauty is a reflection of how wonderful you feel inside. Our mission is to empower every woman to connect with the moon and with herself by providing her with rituals, practices, and personal care products that promote emotional well-being, relaxation, and bliss. We believe in living life with intention.

Our Cycle & The Moon

The moon is a powerful and beautiful force we can harness and use to connect with ourselves. As women, our cycles naturally parallel the moon. Many alternative medicines such as TMC (Traditional Chinese Medicine) have encouraged women to consciously sync up their cycles with the moon in order to make periods “flow” more smoothly.

It's no coincidence that both cycles take around 28 days and are divided into 4 phases, each of which make you feel very different. Nobody likes to party during the Follicular phase (which begins on the first day of menstruation and the best time of the month to binge watch TV), but during the Ovulation period, you feel great: energized, positive and ready to take on the world. Here’s how your period and the moon would look like if they were synced up:

How To Practice Self Care


Take time to write down your intentions based on the phase of the moon. This helps you harness the energy of the moon to achieve your dreams.


Place the product inside of a warm bath and watch it become one with the water.


Take a deep breath and meditate to your intentions, taking in all the energies being released from the product and the moon.

Ready to connect with the moon?


Our Story

We merged our life experiences and knowledge to create something beautiful to share with all women. Our set of products and practices combine wellness care with the need we have as women to connect with our most influential celestial body: The Moon. Women who are conscious of the lunar energy live with more intention and gratitude. They radiate beauty from within.

  • Take time for
  • Embrace your
  • Be open to
  • Live with
  • Find joy in
    the present
  • Radiate beauty
    from within