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Receive The Full Moon

Once the waxing moon has grown to full light, it becomes a Full Moon. Full Moons are a representation of our projects, dreams, and desires coming to fruition. During this time, we celebrate and evaluate our achievements, and bask in the love, beauty, and joy of living to our highest potential.

The Energy

This energy can be used to see both how far we’ve come, and where we still need to grow. It is the best time to accept and see things just as they are, complete with their blessings, beauty, challenges, and opportunities.

The Ritual


Recognize and appreciate your present. Write down all the blessings in your life. What are you grateful for? (Family, friends, partner, your job, and good health might be a few of those things.)


Place your bath bomb or bath tea inside a drawn bath and watch it dissolve and become one with the warm water. Enjoy a bright scent of citrus and rosemary.


Get in the tub, clear your mind, and find joy in the present. Be open to receiving future blessings.