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Transform The New Moon

After the light of the Waning Moon has passed and the sky turns dark, we see a New Moon. It is in this darkness that we can find the peace and introspection to evaluate what we truly want. This time is magical, and it encourages us to use our creativity to forge a new path to attain all that we desire.

The Energy

Use the energy of The New Moon to heal the past and set your vision of the future. It is the best time for new beginnings, to set future intentions, and to create a vision board for your dreams.

The Ritual


Write down anything you would like to attract into your life. (I’e. your dream job, relationship, trip, house, health, etc.)


Place your bath bomb or bath tea inside a drawn bath and watch it dissolve and become one with the warm water. Allow the scent of lavender to help you unwind.


Get in the tub, clear your mind, and confidently feel your intentions morph into reality. Live with intention.