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Release The Waning Moon

Directly after the glorious full moon has passed, the light reflected on the moon becomes less and less visible; turning into a Waning Moon. This is a time for rest and energy restoration. It is a beautiful reminder to rest, recoup, and recharge.

The Energy

The energy of the Waning Moon can be used to release the energies and issues that no longer serves you. This is a beautiful time to take a deep breath and reset your mind, body, and soul.

The Ritual


Take time to write down your intentions based on the phase of the moon. By writing down your intentions you will harness the energy of the moon to achieve your dreams.


Place your bath bomb or bath tea inside a drawn bath and watch it dissolve and become one with the warm water. Take in the comforting scent of sandalwood and vanilla.


Take a deep breath and let yourself meditate to your intentions, taking in all the energies being released from the product and the moon.