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This full moon is considered the Buddha Moon or Wesak because, at this time of the year, Buddha himself comes to Earth to share his blessings. This full moon of May was the moon he was born, enlightened, and left his body.
Having Taurus conjunct Mercury opposite to this full moon in Scorpio we have a contrast between what we feel and what we think as if heart and mind are in different frequencies.
There is something you have kept with yourself for a while. Under this full moon, is the moment to let it out, no matter how overwhelming, painful, or shameful it can be. Now is the time to release that burden.
Don’t try to convince your mind about it. Let Scorpio’s intuitive power lead you.
Scorpio brings inner strength. It is a fixed sign that holds onto pain with such mastery, it transforms it in deep healing. The soul is guided by Scorpio as its most loyal guardian. And now your soul is ready to face some truths about yourself and those around you.
The full moon will enlighten hidden secrets, will reveal the unseen and the unspoken. It will purify the energy of truth and trust so you can be at peace with your heart and your mind.
Be aware of something you feel no longer is as it seems. Venus squaring Neptune will take it to the realm of relationships. How have you been idealizing your partner, or the “ideal relation” for your happiness and how far you are from reaching that dream. 
Let it go and this will set you free.
Where is Scorpio on your natal chart? Well, right there is where you must empower yourself and where the moon is helping you to achieve by showing you the truth. Now is the moment to regain the power you may have lost in this area of your life.
Search for the thoughts that are stagnated in your head, not letting you move on —  blocking your heart and intuition. Now is the moment to release what is stacked.
Claim your right to be in charge of any matter that has been in the hands of others. Now is the time to rescue that emotional power, so let the purge happen and set your boundaries.
Bathing Ritual
Set the mood by preparing the right ambiance for your bath ritual by dimming the lights, light up candles, and put on your favorite bathing playlist. 

Drop a Receive Bath Bomb & Bath Tea into your hot bath to release the natural oils contained within. When used in conjunction with the glorious full moon, it will create a magical space for introspection, positivity, and true inner peace.

As you get in the bathtub, feel how your mind is kept outside, and all your intuitive and feminine energy emerges in the water as if you were gathering with the goddesses.

Close your eyes and feel their power penetrating through your skin. You are in charge now, your power is back and whatever has been out of control, whatever has made you feel small, powerless, or drained is coming to its end.

We are receiving the gift of an emotional reset. 
Be present and let it happen.