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Planting Today Intentions for a Better Future - New Moon in Taurus
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Planting Today Intentions for a Better Future - New Moon in Taurus

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New Moons are for sowing intentions, and earth signs symbolize seeds of fertility with strong roots. Your intentions can be powerful, the only condition today is setting them thinking of mother earth first. This is the message the new moon in Taurus is sending us. 
This time, Uranus is also in the equation. 
Like a synapse, it is helping conscious (sun) and unconscious (moon) communicate, soul and body connect in order to be here and now. Being in the present is the only way to cope with the actual situation. Running away either within the mind or body will only postpone the unavoidable. We need to face change, and Uranus is there for it, but for Taurus this feels uncomfortable. Taurus hates change. It is your grumpy side saying, “no way.” 
Uranus is about awakening, it is creativity, it is authenticity.  

Do you know how long it takes for this planet to travel your whole chart? 84 years. 
Some of us may never live the whole cycle. 
So its voice is clear: plant new trees, even if you will never eat from 
its fruits.
This New Moon is about planting those trees full of visions of a better future. Creative and revolutionary ideas that will make the impossible, possible. It is about planting today for a better future with or without you, through your actions, ideas, and intentions on this present moment. Leaving fear behind and embracing the new, visualizing a bright outcome. 
The sun entering Taurus is giving us a month to enlighten the gaps that divided us from mother earth. For a while, we have been witnessing several images of nature speaking. Animals reappearing, turtles reproducing, rivers and oceans clearing... Taurus is inviting us to reunite with this rhythm, by leaving behind our individualistic pace that was killing us as living beings. 
The will of providing food to our loved ones, to be sure nothing is missing, to take care of our kids and children, this need of having resources may arise stronger. Taurus is about giving security through matter. Uranus may inject some anxiety around it, so try to calm and trust you will have what you need.
If you are capable of providing to others: share food and 
supplies — helping others in need is also helping yourself and 
your anxiety. 
The moon next to Uranus is telling us there are other ways of seeking safety: by embracing uncertainty, we are opening a door to dissolve insecurities and old attachments. With Saturn squaring, it is giving us a constant feeling of being cut from our wings, but the true intention is to discover your new ones, those that make you fly from the inside, your inner freedom: discovering who you are and what you are really living for. 
But how can you connect with this New Moon in Taurus?
Begin by connecting with your body. This is our first contact with Earth.
How are you treating it? What is it asking from you? 
Water or healthier food?
How can we be ecologically conscious if we are not even taking care of our own bodies? How can we support mother earth if we are not being careful with ourselves first?
New Moon Bathing Ritual
Connecting with your body is also about activating your senses. Taurus enhances the senses. A nice bathtub is an excellent Venusian scenario for it. 
Get in your bathtub with an oil that will nurture your skin, feel how soft it gets while massaging. During the new moon, we recommend the Transform series, our most relaxing of all. Featuring Lavender, this bath bomb and tea helps promote a calming space - ideal for hitting pause and diving into our mindful state of mind. 
Close your eyes and imagine you are at your favorite place on 
Earth: on a beautiful beach, on the top of a mountain, near a calm 
lake, in the middle of a fresh forest…
Open your senses and become receptive of the smells, 
the images, the sensations, and sounds that appear from nature.
Feel how sacred this space is and how it activates the sacredness inside of you. 
Feel the peace it evokes, embrace the stillness it brings. 
Find the freedom inside of you by nurturing your inner images while you feel the pleasure of your bathtub throughout your entire body.