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Children of the Moon
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Children of the Moon

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The idea that the moon affects human behavior is not new. In fact, the word “lunatic” comes from a time in history in which people thought that the moon was to blame for people’s episodes of insanity. Little is known about the effects of the lunar cycle on the behavior of humans and animals. Some studies have proven an impact on human reproduction, in particular fertility, menstruation, and birth rate. However, they have not demonstrated a link between the full moon and behavior. 

Nonetheless, many mothers share a scenario that sounds something like this:

Your baby that has been sleeping through the night for weeks now and life couldn’t be more glorious. One night, he unexpectedly wakes up at around 12pm. Then 2 am And then at 5 am again! While stumbling back into your bedroom in a daze, you notice the house seems brighter. You look out the window and low and behold: the full moon in all her glory is shining a light on us earthlings. Could she be to blame for your baby’s sudden sleep interruption?  

If the situation above sounds familiar, we have a simple and super adorable ritual that your little one will love. And, if you make it with love and intention, you won’t believe the difference it will have on his sleep.


Baby Flower Bath Ritual 

This ritual is inspired by the Mayas, who believed that floral baths could soothe a fussy or even distressed baby.

In addition to water you also need any or all of the following (your preference): 

Marigold leaves or flowers


St. John’s wort


White rose petals

Red rose petals



To make floral water: fill a bucket with water and squeeze the fresh plants of our choice into it until they are well mashed. The water may even change color. Let the flowers steep for up to two hours, preferably in the sun. Strain it to use when needed. 

You can use this water in several ways. If the baby can sit up, pour some of it into a bath and let her play with it for as long as she likes. 

You may also hold the baby (diaper optional) outside and pour water over him.

After your ritual of choice, pat her dry with a soft towel and enjoy a lovely cuddle with a now calmer, happier baby.