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Full Moon Eclipse Moonergy Release Moon Bath
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The beginning of the year welcomes us with a first eclipse, culminating a process that began 6 months ago with the eclipse of July 2019. 

An eclipse in a Full Moon is the exaltation of light in the middle of the night. It symbolizes big closures, culminations, completion. 

The moon is back home in cancer, sign of water, the world of emotions, the womb, the moon's refuge, its sanctuary.

But this time she will have tough visitors stirring the waters, looking with a magnifying glass its nest. Nothing will be hidden.  Emotions will arise, especially those you keep hidden and locked up.


The moon will have, in opposition, a heavy troop of planets in Capricorn (Sun, Saturn, Pluto, Mercury, Ceres) looking straight to her, leaving her with no chance from facing the truth of what is going on in her emotional realm.

The invitation is to let go, surrender to the process, release the tension in your hands, in your neck, in your back, relax the body, make a scan on your spine and detect if there is any blocked energy while ascending. 

On January 10th, the emotional body is activated, bringing to light issues with family and your significant other, intimate relations, secrets revealed in your inner circle related to your emotional security.

Emotions will be running high. Be compassionate with what emerges in you and others.  The moon will make you feel deeply to realize the weight you must release. 

It is an excellent time to answer: Of all my relationships,

Which ones are stuck?

Which do I still force?

Which have already completed their cycle?

Which ones harm me and I still do not accept it?

Which ones stagnate me and are fed on attachment
and not love?

Which ones increase my neurosis?

2020 is an intense year, there is a long road ahead, so we are asked to walk with light luggage, be more minimalist, simple. And this not only references the material world. Emotions sometimes complicate us tremendously, entangling our minds, leading us along confusing paths and making us stubborn against a reality that we must face and accept.

We will have to sort out emotions and your moon will have to define certain burdens, even if it threats your sense of security.

What or who holds you back?

What relationships are already unnecessary?

Answer these questions with total honesty and connect with the feelings of insecurity that may awake in you.

Recognizing your dependencies and taking action is one of the greatest acts of courage and self-esteem.  And this eclipsed full moon comes to support you in this process by exposing your vulnerability, so that you can detect your blind spots.

How can I support myself during this process?

Being a year where Capricorn will take command, the best attitude is:

  1. Be realistic. Putting stories in your head will not work. Save money. It is not a year for risky investments, wasting money, unnecessary expenses. Practice austerity. 
  2. Be righteous. If you play “dirty tricks” and you look for an easy exit from your problems, you will have a hard time. You can't fool Saturn and Pluto together. Be clean an honest no matter what.
  3. Choose 1 practice (an art, a sport, a new study, a project, a meditation, yoga, etc.) and continue doing it throughout the year constantly, like a goat climbing a hill until you master it.
  4. Search for your inner anchor Either in your practice, meditation or in a personal discipline. You will need it. Holding into yourself will be the key and this eclipse comes with the first challenge of the year, testing your stability by shaking your emotional world.



By immersing yourself in the tub feel your body making a decision: to release that to which you still cling to (a habit, person, emotion, situation or thought) and is harming you. Given that it is an eclipse and not a regular full moon, we recommend using the Moonergy Release bath bomb and bath tea.

As you submerge your body feel the salts, herbs and essences doing their job releasing that to which you are still attached. Relax your limbs, see if there is resistance to surrender. Where in the body is this resistance concentrated? Invite your entire body to trust and relax.  Feel the waters dissolving blocked emotions throughout your body. Follow this process with your breathing.  Feel the alchemy emerging.

Repeat internally: “I let you go… I let you go… thank you… I let you go.” 

Let the emotions flow - The insecurity you hide, let that tear fall, let go of any attempt of controlling what you feel. If you want to cry, scream, laugh, cough, yawn, feel pleasure ... do not put any resistance, the body has its own wisdom. 

Cancer: Capricorn Axis balances your emotional and practical sides. It is the father taking the child from the nest to become an adult. It gives shape to what you feel. It is home under a firm roof. Because structure without substance is cold, and substance alone without being sustained escapes like water through your hands. 

May these two energies be integrated within you.

By Lashtari Nadia Rico of @animus.way for Moonergy

Art by: Creative Kali for Moonergy