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New Moon in Aquarious: welcome new air!
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New Moon in Aquarious: welcome new air!

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What is a New Moon? 

It is your femininity encountering your masculinity. 

It is the seed that is planted, it is the fertilized moon. It's the beginning.  

After so many changes and transformations, this moon arrives to open a window to welcome new air.  It officially sets the beginning of a new cycle. 

It is the sign of the changes you have generated and the effort you have put into renewing. As the moon loses light, we release loads of dense weight that were falling apart in the Capricorn zone.  

Sow from the fertile land that you have worked so hard. 

Give yourself that permission. 

This is the first of numerous opportunities of renewal in 2020. 

Uranian energy is amplified, intensifying the desire to free oneself from chains, not wanting to follow anyone's orders, feeling free from bonds, not having to give explanations and betting on one's own freedom.

This intolerance to authority is happening because we are returning where we had lost ourselves, to the starting point, closer to our truth.  

Aquarius is full of futuristic energy, it is the visionary of the zodiac that shakes the weight and reinvents itself at every moment.  

Keywords to be mindful of now: Creativity - Originality - Liberation  

It is a time of great fertility, a deep breath that frees us from heaviness and division. In 6 months you will see the fruits of what you plant today.   

We are moving from the state of hierarchy that Capricorn brought us, to a zone of communication in network, in community, in groups of equals with common interests.

New ideas are coming, a massive download of information in the collective unconscious is ready.  

It is time to release, heal and transform. Wondering how?  

  • Clean your house: take out what you don't need anymore.  
  • Empty your head: write everything that comes to mind when you 
  • wake up, before you start your day.  
  • Be aware of new signs: There is fresh information that opens your landscape. Aquarius announces that different things are coming into your life. Start welcoming them. Places, people, ideas, sensations, attitudes that did not accompany you before, are now trying to approach. Give them permission to enter.  
  • Cultivate the spaces where saturnine time dissolves, in nature, in a bathtub, in a pranayama, in the contemplation of nature. Family spaces that release you from the pressure of the immediate result.  
  • If you are stuck in a situation, observe it as if you were a spectator, as an outsider, from another angle.  
  • Do a brainstorming of ideas for your new project.  


It is likely that you change the perspective of a situation. You are building a new vision in your life, you deserve to take the risk.   

Be aware that:  

  • Division is not the solution  
  • Severe judgments are not the solution  
  • Imposing your opinion is stalling  
  • Isolation will not work now


New Moon Bath Meditation

Take a bath infused with Moonergy® transform bath bomb and bath teas that will take away any tension, any resistance.  Allow the Dead Sea salts to exfoliate your skin, get rid of what you don’t need anymore. Let your skin soak up the Lavender essential oils as you fully relax your body and mind. 

Repeating to yourself, ”everything is fine, I can trust", and relax completely. 

Release, receive and allow the transformation take place. 

As you let go of your body, new ideas will arise. Let's learn to give space to the new.


By Lashtari Nadia Rico of @animus.way for Moonergy

Art by: Creative Kali for Moonergy