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Balancing our Relationships - Pink Full Moon in Libra
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Balancing our Relationships - Pink Full Moon in Libra

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A super moon occurs when the moon is closer to the earth. 
In fact, this is the closest super moon we will have during 2020.
Overall the events that are happening in the world, this is the moon’s turn to be the leading part of the play.
This full moon will be felt particularly strong because of its proximity to earth.
Our emotions will be the first to receive the impact. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. We have been locked in with our love ones for weeks now, or in other cases, you are locked by yourself.
This energy can awaken the loving feelings towards our close ones, strengthen bonds, be present for the other, to share valuable time with them. However, in other cases, a not-so-nice opposite may arise if we do not channel these vibes adequately. 
This is a moment where energy is given to relationships either to others or to yourself.  How are you going to use it? Be wise and set your best intention to elevate the vibrations of your home.
Be present for the ones next to you. Set your phone aside for longer periods of time and just be present, don't stress trying to figure out activities to do. This is about feeling one another or just feeling yourself and bonding.
How much do you value those that you haven’t been able to kiss or hug for so long? 
How has physical distancing made you increase your love for those you are no longer seeing on a daily basis?
How nice is it to have time to play with your children or folks with no rush at all?
How powerful is it to have long conversations with your partner, getting to know each other better?
How nurturing is it, just being with yourself?
Having time to write, to paint or to just stare out your window in silence? 
This full moon is inviting us to cleanse the way we give and receive, to balance this energy and give it the value it deserves.
This is a great moment to thank, call, write, email or just meditate on that person you feel that there are words to be spoken of or spoken for. 
Venus is about value. Valuing those who love you and you love. 
Valuing the time you are currently experiencing. Valuing the moments of silence, the moment of argument … but also valuing the Libra energy towards harmony. 
Don't sleep through a fight. 
Words to keep at top of mind:
This pink full moon is beauty and harmony -  reminding us of her presence in the middle of any battle, no matter how hard it may be. A spreading of pink over the Capricorn battlefield. She is the lover, loving her warrior, cleaning his wounds, softening his face, kissing his sword…
If your home has been recently feeling like a battlefield, you know what to do … 
Pink it.
If your home has been a nice refugee to be lately, celebrate it. Be grateful. Tell your loved ones you love them, tell yourself how much you care and love you. 
No matter what your scenario may be, be thankful. It is the exact thing you need right now. 
If it’s been too hard, seek help. You are not alone. 
If you feel it is up to you to solve it, go for it. Lower your defenses, speak and act 
from the heart.
Bathing Ritual: Take a Pink Bath
Sprinkle pink rose petals throughout your tub, use rose essence, rose crystals and visualize pink water all over your body, filling you with love in each individual cell. 
Drop a Receive Bath Bomb into your hot bath to release the bright aromas contained within. Take a deep breath, acknowledge and celebrate where you currently are, who you are currently with, and what you are currently getting to experience. 
Once you're completely submerged… meditate for the planet as a pink sphere spreading love all over the world. 
In collaboration with Lashtari of Animus Way 
artwork by Creative Kali