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The reencountering - New Moon in Aries
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The reencountering - New Moon in Aries

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Sun & moon are giving each other a hug, settling a new beginning. The reencountering. 

The reuniting of a moon in quarantine, stripped from its habitual “ways of escaping” has to face her truth, her fears, her voids, by the hand of a sun full of renewed fire, conscious that there are decisions to be taken and new guidelines to follow. 

They both are facing an unknown gate that must be opened. 

Before so, the question here is: 

What opportunities are arriving at this moment?

What came to an end? 

What is over, with no chance to keep holding on?

What do I have to leave behind? 

Is it a habit? A person? A situation?

What is my biggest fear? My biggest attachment? 

Is my conscious not healthy anymore?


Well whatever it is, you must let go. 

Pluto energy is reaching its peak before Saturn leaves to Aquarius. And Pluto is about crude and honest truth, it is about your deepest fears, your life and death beyond any human control.

This actual situation is giving us a lesson: how big are your fears? How far will the collective fear invade you?

This new moon in Aries is helping us to restore the inner and primal force within, to take control of our emotions, our situation, our energy.

How impotent we humans are. We are living a beautiful lesson in the middle of chaos. And those who have forgotten they are just a piece of nature, will be put in their rightful place, not by human hands, but by a bigger force: life itself. 

In a certain way,  the planet is giving a huge message. 

Either you go back to the body, take care of your little piece of earth, back to basic, realize you need less, and go back to your basic routines as Uranus and Venus are still in Taurus reminding us the simple things, accepting your Saturnian limits respecting nature or the Earth will expel you with our biggest human Achilles Talon: fear of death.

These are good times to ask yourself:

What deepest fears that are emerging?

Am I still wanting to control the unavoidable? 

Pluto energy is taking away our distractions, our exaggerated extravert energy leaving us with no other option than facing our inner truth. Facing your truth, your limitations, your lies, and your strengths are the first steps this new moon is asking you to take.

Aries, as the first sign of the zodiac is about renewal. It is a white page cleansed from old patterns, habits and situations that avoided you from realizing what is relevant and authentic in your life.

It is a great time for setting intentions. 

Look where it falls 4º of Aries in your chart, is a golden moment in this area of your life. Don't let your fears grasp this opportunity from you. You are living a huge chance to go deep inside and readjust your entire being.

Capricorn energy is telling you to be responsible of yourself first: your emotions, your actions, your anxiety, etc. This is the best way to help the collective, the masses (Cancer energy).

The arrival of Aries in the Sun and Moon with its ruler Mars involved in the Capricorn stellium will inject fire into your field. Either to be braver and expand your capacity to face anything (with Jupiter by its side) or to be out of control with your impulses and aggression. It’s your choice. 

Either way you should not ignore the energy. It is the perfect time for some catharsis: either to shout your frustrations, or even to exercise in your house. 

Be responsible how you channel your feelings. It is Important not to react in an extreme way.  

Be measured, stay cautious.

Be the first one to take a step back when necessary, because this will play out your actions in the second half of 2020.

It’s the ideal time for a relaxed bath, with no rush

You are already at home, nobody is waiting you outside. Take the best advantage of it and take the longest and most enjoyable bath ever. Soak in the lavender that the Moonergy® Transform Bath series features, promoting calmness and creating space for pause and introspection.

Take a slow deep breath and give yourself the pleasure of being present during your bath. Only you and your bubbles.


By Lashtari Nadia Rico of @animus.way for Moonergy

Art by: Creative Kali for Moonergy