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Burn your burdens & LOVE - Full Moon in Leo
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Burn your burdens & LOVE - Full Moon in Leo

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A full moon in Leo symbolizes the sun of the night. It’s about awareness. The moon is the connection with our emotions, and while in Leo, it is about being aware of those related to our pride or ego.

They can either manifest as 

 “I am perfect, I am above everyone” 


“Poor me, I am nothing”

It doesn't matter where the Leo drive takes you. What matters is that you put your talents into action and with the Aquarian energy, offer them to others.

It’s the perfect time to take a deep breath, to gaze at the moon and ask:

What part of me is demanding recognition and appreciation?

What part of me is still comparing myself with others? Am I stuck in drama? 

Leo is also the noble heart. The heart of fire, hungry to love openly. It is the inner fire, the desire of expressing your own creativity. Leo loves an authentic expression, the genuine vibe of the soul, that which only comes from the heart. Let this full moon reach it by connecting with all the leonine feelings: love, joy, gratitude, nobility...

Leo energy is fun, filled with laughter, art and self-expression, and it is also romantic. Flow with this vibe and give yourself permission to live your life to the fullest. You deserve it after so much Capricorn work during the last months. If you have been too serious with your problems lately, take a break.

Your best therapy now is to: laugh at yourself, at your dilemmas, at your dramas. Try to take things lightly by stopping your self-abuse. This energy is trying to bring you back to your heart chakra, giving warmth to your life, nurturing the emotional body, reminding you to trust in your heart, no matter what may be falling apart on the outside.

Slow down your worries and focus on what’s really important: love. Self-love and love to others.

This is the moon of the child arquetype. It is the perfect moment to honor your inner child, to rescue its qualities of spontaneity, freedom and joy. Dance, laugh, play. Be amazed by the simple things. Connect with that unique pureness that only a baby can keep.

Look at your chart where this full moon in Leo is taking place. You probably haven’t been able to give enough energy to this zone of your life due to the Capricorn tensions. Now is the time. 

Activate the Leo energies located here and let your self-confidence, magnetism and bravery flourish until you roar with an open heart who you are! With the sun in Aquarius, it is clear you need to share this inner diamond with your group or community. Your talents must be shared.

With Venus in Aries conjunct Chiron, this full moon is telling you: Don't be so hard on yourself, light up. Let the healing happen, burn your burdens and forgive yourself and others.

This will be the area of your life where you must get your inspiration from, the place where you can light your inner flame and begin to shine from the inside.

Mars in Sagittarius is there to give you a hand: injecting faith, optimism and the impulse to move forward towards your inner goals, those that come directly from the heart.

There is so much fire activated right now, we need to let the alchemy happen and burn our depressions, our fears, our stubbornness, our rigidity, our coldness and resentments. Let it burn!

What is right for me in this moment?

Answer this question focused not from the head. 

Put your hands on your heart and ask again: 

“What is right for me? What feels correct?”


Leo is the fire that impulses you to seek your inner treasures. The inner warrior looking for that light that never fades.This is a chance to reach your own talents and put them outside. This moon is offering a great dose of self confidence. Are your hands open and ready to receive?


Bathing Ritual

Prepare your bath as if you where preparing it for a goddess. The moon is shining as one. Be the queen entering the bathtub by feeling the silver-gold Leo full moon passing through your skin. Feel its rays nurturing your cells with self-esteem, magnetism and beauty.

We recommend using the Moonergy® Receive Bath Bomb and Bath Tea during the full moon. Bright aromas contained in the Receive bath bomb are there to help you acknowledge and celebrate where you are in the present. When used in conjunction with the glorious full moon, it will create a magical space for introspection, positivity and true inner peace.

Close your eyes and smile. Smile and let a little laugh emerge while you shine from the inside enjoying the simple pleasure of being yourself. 

“I love being in this body. My body, my realm.”

Raise your self-love energy. Heal your pride. Explore your creative side. Be noble. Discover your courage.

Can you take more risks? A leap of faith? Do you trust your heart?


By Lashtari Nadia Rico of @animus.way for Moonergy

Art by: Creative Kali for Moonergy