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Elevate your vibration - New Moon in Pisces
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Elevate your vibration - New Moon in Pisces

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Capricorn and Pisces are the leading signs this period. Is an interesting combination: grounding and magic, concrete and subtle world, earth and heaven, desert and ocean, tangible and intangible.

Earth and water combined nurtures the seed preparing it to grow. This new moon represents this new seed you are planting.

Try to make your intention focused on the house it falls (4 degrees, 28min in pisces).

Pisces vibe is coming strong (neptune, sun and moon conjunction, mercury retro). There is a dreamy atmosphere, and ethereal energy dancing around helping us to merge with something higher than us.

Maybe is a reminder that we are not alone, even if the actual circumstances makes us feel as such. Maybe is the “Universal Mother” speaking from above to her children on earth.

These are weeks to meditate, stay still, go inside. Try to tune in with a higher frequency, avoid fights, empower your higher chakras.

Pisces moon is bringing energy to your heart, to open yourself to love itself. Not only to one or two, but to everything and everybody. Helping us to elevate our vibration.

Take seriously your dreams. Connect with their symbolism and share them, paint your emotions, write your inspirations, sing your feelings. Your imagination will be at the fullest, don't take it for granted, there is a deep expression hidden within.

Mars in Capricorn wants to put into action all the movement Saturn and Pluton has been doing. Cutting bad habits, taking decisions, making determinant moves. Hard work in order to construct a new truth.

Be aware of the signs, synchronicities, dreams, visions, intuitions… High contact with the universe, as if the angels wanted to speak up to us. Our unconscious world is moving, let it express what it has to tell.

Some may avoid or ignore it focusing only on facts. Try not to fall into this pole and also be aware of exaggerating your intuitive mood.

In any case don't worry loosing yourself in La La Land. Mars wont let that happen. Under the Capricorn influence he will make sure you take certain actions that are pending. Mars will activate your responsibility and instead of drinking the whole bottle of wine you will rather have a cup and relax with consciousness.

Trust what your inner voice tells you and see it manifested in the world. This is the magic of Pisces joining forces with Capricorn.

This moon is about contacting with other dimensions of yourself. Meditate, pray, chant, connect with water, listen to music and close your eyes, dance with the soul.

Explore your inner world. Pisces is the end of a cycle. Life is asking you to go inside before you begin a new chapter in your life.

Mercury retrograde getting closer to sun and moon submerges the mind in the intuitive world giving magical thoughts. Don't try to put them all into words, you will fall in confusion.


How to empower this energy?

The world of symbolism is open. Let flow your inner poet, compose that song, write those inner words or simply close your eyes and have a deep conversation with yourself.

The intuitive and emotional bodies are stimulated. New understandings under a situation may arrive.

Moon in Pisces is whispering an ending. Surrender and let go. Is the end of a phase. Say goodbye with gratitude and open your arms to a new beginning.


Bathing Ritual

Visualize your bathtub as an infinite ocean full of treasures ready to nurture you. While your body feels the warmth of the water, close your eyes and travel inside your dreamy world, where everything is possible, where limits are just an illusion.

Remember that which you are wishing to conquer. See it happen and see many people receiving benefit from your choice.

Relax and let your body receive the energy of acceptance. Visualize your body dissolving into light.

Accept the blessings of life, this is the new moons gift and message.


By Lashtari Nadia Rico of @animus.way for Moonergy

Art by: Creative Kali for Moonergy