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Grounding your goals - Full Moon in Virgo
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Grounding your goals - Full Moon in Virgo

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While the sun in Pisces conjuncts Neptune, completely submerged in Orpheus realm, the moon is searching for facts, urging a feeling of grounding.

This full moon is about being practical and feeling useful. She wants to focus on those dreams that can be tangible, possible, real. This will make you feel safe and secure.

The moon is being energized by the four titans in Capricorn tuning in with their intentions, also Uranus and Venus in earth signs are helping to get things done.

With so much earth around, there is no way of escaping - even though the sun is in Neptune’s hands. No drugs, no alcohol, no fantasies or dissociations will help. Something or someone will bring you back to earth. Either some news or a practical issue to be resolved, or an attractive economical proposal… uses the Piscean intuition and its deep connection instead of the elusive and confusing side. 


Because this moon is about manifesting. Make your intentions visible, palpable and tangible. Don't miss the train! 


Mercury also enters direct, so the cards are in your favor clearing the landscape towards your North! Your mind will know to be wiser having learned some lessons, moving through the same places but with a clearer perspective. 

This is the time to be crystal clear about what it is that you want to achieve. We are soon beginning the astrological year when the sun enters Aries, so there is so much to get going. 

The Sun-Neptune in Pisces will provide some inspiration, making sure we don't forget the “real purpose” of our actions. This will help us cope with any Virgo anxiety or its tendency to extreme control. She (the moon in Virgo) will need this support otherwise she can fall in the belief that every single thing depends on her, leaving no space for destiny and major energies that we cannot mess up with and are out of our reach.

So trust. 

Go for it.

Close your eyes, ask for your inner voice´s advise.

Open them widely, look around, sense your chances.

Be aware of the present moment.

Organize your ideas, concrete, trace a plan.

And go 100% forward. Do not hesitate.

Your feet are grounded full of strength.

Your mind is focused and your heart, peaceful and connected.

This is the alchemy of the Full Moon in Virgo + Sun-Neptune + planets in earth signs. 

Flow with it and enjoy the ride.


What kind of bath will help?

An energizing bath that takes away any doubts, fears or confusion to take action towards your goals. We recommend using the receive series, a combination of the bath tea and bath bomb. Bright aromas contained within are there to help you acknowledge and celebrate where you are in the present. This is by far our most energetic ritual of all. 

Smile during your bath, feeling you are blessed and protected.

That if your intentions are pure and noble, nothing will stop you from achieving them. 

Clean your arms and hands, asking for good actions and a well done work.

Clean your legs and feet, thanking them for taking the right steps without hesitating.

Feel your whole body and relax. 

Trust and let the piscean bubble complete its job.


By Lashtari Nadia Rico of @animus.way for Moonergy

Art by: Creative Kali for Moonergy