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How the moon influences your relationship with emotions (& love)
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How the moon influences your relationship with emotions (& love)

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Surely you know that the moon influences agriculture, tides, childbirth, and even hair growth. This is popular wisdom that does not always have the backing of science, but it does have millennia of experience. It’s also known the relation that oriental cultures make with the moon and emotions, being the astro that represents the feminine energy for excellence.

That’s how we ended believing the moon also influences our disposition to emotions & love (beginning with SELFlove).

Apart from the fact that on those rare occasions when we FEEL this sense of joy, nostalgy or magic seeing the moon in the sky -and enjoy it with our loved ones-, the phases of the moon have a lot to say in our emotional relationship with us and others. Whether you have a partner or are single, pay attention to what the moon can do for your love life.

The New Moon: symbolizes the beginning of the cycle, rebirth or renewal. It is the best time for renewal our love. That first contact; those first conversations that come up. Also, because it is a phase of initiation, it is the ideal moment to take step forward in the relationship with your own or shared love, such as commitment for improve. It is also a good time to identify and recognize those couple of problems that you have been feeling for some time

The Waxing Moon: symbolizes the period of growth, and is full of positive energy. Take advantage of it to make your first appointment with that person, activity or goal with whom you have established contact during the new moon to improve your relationship with the energy of love. Set a date to start feeling better, decide on a yes, because you have the best vibrations of the lunar cycle for this story. It is the right time to practice communication, to face problems or to ratify that bond or commitment you have with your relationships with others & with yourself. Because all that effort you make in your emotional life during the waxing moon will go a long way, it will pay off.

The Full Moon: with its symbolism expresses us a FULL and overwhelmed situation. The movements you can make during this phase are few, melt down or celebrate your own emotions -or the emotional mood of others. The best we can do in this phase is let it feel, and then it will flow. Must people love or hate this moon, you will be in the team of lovers when you recognize, accept and embrace your emotions without judgment. 

The Waning Moon: symbolizes a kind of end of the cycle in which we will reap what we have sown during the whole lunar cycle. And from asking yourself, which emotion will stay and which will leave.  This is the decisive moment to discover it. But however the story ends, remember that nature is wise. In any case, the waning moon is the ideal time to look back and see what we have achieved, and clean up our emotional life.