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The Man and The Moon
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The Man and The Moon

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Every human being has dueling energies: masculine and feminine, left and right (brain), yin and yang. Depending on one’s gender, society tends to tell us to develop one side of our duality more than the other. The most obvious example of this is when men are taught to repress their emotional, feminine sensibilities. “Real men don’t cry,” they say.

But, what happens when there’s an imbalance between our female/male energies?

This gives rise to feelings of arrogance, ignorance, disconnection, and dissatisfaction. There’s an overreaching impression that one is wandering aimlessly through life, which leads to lack of focus, anxiety, and even depression. It’s what happens to people when they achieve their external goals (wealth, marriage, job success, etc..) and they still feel like “something’s missing.” Satisfaction and bliss are directly connected to the heart, our emotions, and our spirituality, which are all feminine energies. If men ignore their feminine energy, they neglect these things.

While synching with the moon is commonly associated with women, in reality, the moon rules the female energy in all of us.

Think about this next time you drop a Moonergy tea or bath bomb in a tub and, perhaps, share the experience with someone of the opposite gender by letting them know or inviting them to join ;)

Know your moon. Find your balance.